Introducing the NEW Premium Starter Kit!

What makes it NEW you ask?

-It has a newly designed outer sleeve
-New tray that folds into a neat design and can stand
-Copaiba was removed due to supply restraints
-Citrus Fresh is now a vitality
-Valor and Peace & Calming added to kit
-Underneath there is now a Hand Purifier with the Ningxia Packets, Thieves Cleaner Sample and Stress Away. Also underneath the tray of oils is two roller fitments and the P&C. No more “love it-share it” cards or drams.
-Also now included is New lifestyle booklet

With the new design of the kit, extras and adding the elite Valor and Peace & Calming to it, that’s an increased value of $90!!! That’s $90 more in value making the kit well over $400 in value now.

But get this, with all of that extra value the kit itself is only being increased in cost by $5 dollars!

All of that for only $165!

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