Kristen Lewis

Bold Essential Living Founder
Hi! I’m Kristen.

I’m a wife, and a mom to 2 boys. My background is in homeopathic medicine, and I’ve always gravitated toward alternative options to make healthy choices for myself, my family, and our home.

I had casually used some essential oils, but tried Young Living essential oils about 2 years ago and couldn’t deny the difference. I found so much support (both physical and emotional) from those oils! My next step was transitioning to use all of their household products such as all-purpose cleaner and laundry soap. I began to switch out whatever I could, to use the products they offered, and was always happy with the ingredients and quality.

There are more and more people returning to simple, natural solutions. We are becoming aware of the effects our choices have on ourselves and our environment. These products support a healthy, conscious lifestyle, and I can confidently stand behind this company due to their standards of quality and integrity. If this lifestyle is one that resonates with you, join me in this journey!

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